Corruption policy

policy on Anti Corruption


AI Energy Public Company Limited “The Company” recognizes the important of a transparent business operations and embrace the principle of good corporate governance for effectiveness and equitably with responsibility to society and stakeholders. As well as to prevent corruption that may occur, hence the Company has declared the intention of anti-corruption that do not support the activities of groups or individuals acting in wrongful exploitation. In order to be entrusted in undertaking a no fraud operation, the Company has proclaimed the anti-corruption policy as the guidelines for the Board of Directors, management, and employees to strictly comply to the following;

1. Anti corruption policy

Restricted the Board of Directors, management, and employees of the Company claim, perform, or accept corruption in all forms; both directly and indirectly. The Company has determined the reviewing of the anti-corruption policy’s implementation regularly. Moreover, the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved to comply with the policies and operations of the Company.

2. Duites and responsibilities

2.1 Board of Director

Responsible for formulating policy against corrupt and approve the policy, including oversight and support against to the corruption by impelling policies to be implemented. Also being a role model in integrity for employees and recognize the importance of anti-corruption.

2.2 Audit Committees

2.2.1 To review the approved anti-corruption policy regards to the appropriateness to the Company.

2.2.2 Responsible for reviewing the Company’s financial statement, the internal control system, and risk management to ensure that the Company has operated transparently and not in contradict to the anti-corruption policy itself.

2.2.3 Responsible for determining and propose agendas to the Board of Directors, when there was corruption in the Company, to impose sanctions and determine the prevention.

2.3 Internal Audit

Responsible for reviewing and monitoring the Company’s operation to in accordance with such policy and to ensure the internal control system was in place, which may reduce the corruption’s risk in the Company and reported to the Board of Directors.

2.4 Director

Management level and employees are obliged to comply with the Anti-Corruption policy by not involve corrupt in every case, whether directly or indirectly.

3. anti-corruption practicrs

Directors, management, and employees at all levels must strictly follows the Company’s policy and practice and no involvement in corruption in any cases; directly or indirectly. Nevertheless, the policy also including the anti-corruption within the procurement procedure; suppliers or contractors.

3.1 The bribery with money or other benefits.

There shall be no bribed with gifts of money or other benefits with the hope of personal advantage. Individuals or groups who have dealings with both the Company and third parties, such as the public sector and the private sector.

3.2 Grafting

For the purchase and hire process must be conducted by the Company’s working procedures, from the beginning of biding, price comparisons, selected suppliers and/or contractors by prohibiting employees accept the bidding that enclose hidden benefits with suppliers and/or contractors. However, the Company have an active internal control system that monitor and involved by related manager departments, and all the procurements were approved by Managing Director only.

3.3 Donate to charity, public interest and Funding

There are restrictions on donations to charity, public interest, and funding as follow;

3.3.1 To approve the donation is subject to the Company’s approval authority but if donations in any form is worth more than THB 10,000 must be approved by Managing Director.

3.3.2 The donation must be under ‘the Company’s name’ only with reliable evidences and follow the Company’s procedures. The Company shall not claim on the donation to other purpose.

3.4 To give or receive gifts or favors souvenirs.

To give or receive gifts or favors souvenirs. They are intended solely for the reception or congratulate only, no hidden agendas.

4. Complaints

4.1 Corruption seen by anyone in the organization, such as giving or receiving bribes to person or other parties.

4.2 Non-compliance with the Company’s procedures, which could lead to corruption.

5. Complaints Channels

Those who witnessed the actions required to fraud can appeal through these 3 channels;

5.1 Website:

5.2 Email:

5.3 By Post or Directly summit at

To The Audit Committee

55/2 Moo 8 Sethakit 1 Rd., Klongmadua, Krathum Baen, Samut Sakhon 74110

6. The Publication of Anti-Corruption Policy

For employees to be informed and aware of the Anti-Corruption policy, there is procedure as follows;

6.1 The Company shall announce to all employees about Anti-Corruption policy and practices by Email to all departments.

6.2 The Company shall trains Anti-Corruption policy and practices to its new and potential employees and/or others who interested. By communicate through the following channels.

6.2.1 Website:

6.2.2 Publish the Anti-Corruption Policy in Form 56-1 and the Annual Report.

The Company recognizes the significance of establishing the Anti-Corruption policy and practices, which may improve the Company’s operation effectiveness and also may build trust among stakeholders in terms of a company with good corporate governance practices. Thus, the Company believes that the policy against the corruption is the vital parts of its stability growth.